Terms & Conditions 2023

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre owns all  nominated images within the ‘Award/exhibition/ Book ‘ , and reserves the right to use the entries, when and where it pleases, without prior consent of the owner.
  • Applicants may participate in selected or all categories.
  • Applicants may participate in the (General photographs) Category with three (3) individual photographs, either colored or black& white
  • The applicants participation in the award is an implicit acknowledgment that the submitted photographs have not won in any of the previous seasons of Spaces of Light Award, or others locally , within  the Arab world , and internationally .If proved so ,the Award administration shall withdraw the award and the violation will be explicitly state the name of the violator of this condition.
  • the Participants are not entitled to use, reveal, participate in any other competition, event, or media platforms throughout the period of the competition.
  • Participants are solely responsible for the legalities concerning the ownership of their pictures and persons or objects, if any, that are seen in the pictures. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre management will not bear any legal responsibility in this regard.
  • If proved that the ownership of the photographs is not of the participant, the Award administration shall announce the withdrawal of the award through its official website and  social media platforms, shall deprive the photographer from taking part in the Award in the future, and all necessary legal proceedings will be taken against violators.
  • Participants pledge to use the Media Permit they attain from the Center's management solely for participating in Spaces of Light Award.
  • Applicants must fill in the competition application form by visiting the Centre’s website.


Photographs Technical Specifications:

  • Photographs that include text, frames, symbols, or marks such as photographer’s signature will not be accepted.
  • Image enhancements and effects can be applied to the original photograph, as long as the enhancements are original and not copied or adapted from other artists’ work or from other sources.
  • The digital art category permits the use of all supporting programs to create a design, which the designer himself must create(All software used must be mentioned, and an open file must be submitted). All images generated using Artificial Intelligence will not be considered by the administration of the Spaces of Light Award to be photographed and are not admissible.
  • Entries must be submitted in JPG or TIFF format, no less than both 2000-pixel size (3MB), and no less than 300 DPI resolutions. Insufficient quality Photographs in regard to printing will not be accepted.
  • The administration of the Spaces of Light Award will request the original copies of the works that qualify for the final stages, including the exhibition and book  pictures, and including  the winning works .
  • In the event that the participant wins more than one prize, the Centre’s administration shall award the winner, the highest prize among the prizes won.


Videos Technical Specifications:

  • The video must address a significant topic that renders narratives and themes from within Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and carries a new creative idea of high artistic value.
  • The final version of the movie must be submitted in MOV or MP4 format.
  • The video must be of high quality ,no less than  1080p and 16:9 aspect ratio.             
  • The video must be no less than
  • The duration of the video should not exceed two minutes.
  • That content must reflect Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque’s status  and shed light on the visitors of the mosque of different nationalities as they perform prayers, either individually or in groups, starting from ablution to performing prayers or touring the corridors of the mosque , in addition to the  clarifications and instructions the mosque’s visitors receive from the Center’s supervisors while  present in the mosque, which in turn  contribute to enhancing the level of competition  to a level the participant aspires .
  • Exploiting the spaces inside and around the mosque, such as gardens, fountains , mosaics, arches , domes, corridors, and employing them in a distinctive artistic manner that syncs with the follow people in the vicinity of the mosque to come up with high- end content .
  • Employing advanced graphics and montage techniques to produce the work which   applicant will participate with .
  • The participant can utilize the elements of light through the movement of  night and day and the movement of the shadows scattered on the sides and surfaces of the domes, walls, and arches in order to come up with a material in a distinctive manner.
  • The participant must ensure that contain material does not contradict the provisions of divine religions ,public decency  , and it should not  undermine the reputation of people, institutions and other beliefs.
  • The copy of the film must be fit for viewing and of high quality, and each participant must submit a copy, of the content  intended for  participation  that should not exceed two minutes via WeTransfer website , indicating the title of the movie and a brief description of it , along the full name .
  • The participant should write the details of the film (the main idea, objective, film summary, and duration) on one page in Arabic in Word format , then save it as a pdf file , and upload it to the Spaces of Light Award website.
  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre owns all participating works  within the Spaces of Light Award, while  the applicants   participation in the award and reserves the right to use the entries, when and where it pleases, without prior consent of the owner.


Spaces of Light Award administration wishes all participants good luck



Visitors Rights and Duties


1. Photography regulations:

  • Publishing Photographs captured in Sheikh Khalifa Grand Mosque - Al Ain is strictly prohibited.
  • Taking photographs of the founder's mausoleum at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is strictly forbidden.
  • Taking photographs in order to insult or defame any religion or group is strictly forbidden and may result in the Centre pursuing legal action against those who violate this rule.
  • Taking pictures in attire designated for public or private celebrations is strictly forbidden.
  • Taking pictures or recording video of security installations and access points, whether it be inside Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque - Abu Dhabi /Sheikh Khalifa Grand Mosque -Al Ain / Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – Fujairah, or their surroundings, is strictly prohibited.
  • Should any offensive photos be taken, the Centre's visitor service personnel and customer service representatives maintain the authority to request their deletion.
  • Photography equipment, such as cameras and other tools, are allowed within the mosque's premises. However, it is crucial to obtain the required permits from the mosque management prior to bringing in any of the following tools:


           -> Lighting equipment.

           -> Backgrounds of various types.

           -> Foldable reflectors and their stands.

           -> Smart glasses and glasses with built-in cameras.

           -> Wireless video transmitters.

2. Regulations Regarding Visiting Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – Abu Dhabi / Sheikh Khalifa grand mosque – Al Ain / Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – Al Fujairah

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre provides its esteemed worshippers and visitors with all services required to facilitate their access to the mosque's premises, allow them to visit exhibitions, attend occasions, and participate in all other activities and events held or organized by the Centre. The Centre shall bear no liability; for any harm that may occur to worshippers and visitors or any damage incurred by worshippers and visitors during their presence at the mosque or during the use of any of its facilities or structures under its jurisdiction.

SZGMC, without prejudice to criminal or Civil responsibility, reserves the right to deny or exclude anyone from having access or being present at the mosque or to have access to its premises or be present at any of them; as a result of causing disturbance to others or due to misconduct, or causing harm to individuals, or any of the Centre’s assets or found to be in breach of any duties as set in the present document and as perceived and judged to be appropriate by the Centre’s management on the matter, and for a period it sees fit unless a written apology is put forward and is accepted by the Centre’s management in which he/she pledged not to repeat the offense in the future.

3. Visitors’ rights and obligations

  • Visitors are entitled to receive a cultural tour offered per high professional standards that will enrich their knowledge about the mosque, subject to the availability of a cultural tour specialist.
  • Visitors are entitled to review the available services and learn how to attain and enjoy them.
  • Visitors may inform the Visitors' Services' team about any particular requirement not cited in the official literature
  • Visitors are entitled to receive the highest quality of customer service.
  • Visitors are entitled to review the Centre’s rules and regulations
  • Visitors are entitled to attain and benefit from the services within a common framework of mutual respect amongst all cultures.
  • Visitors are entitled to enjoy high standards of safety and comfort during their presence at the mosque or any of its facilities.
  • People of determination and elderly visitors/senior citizens are entitled to receive the highest quality of services while present at the mosque or any of its facilities.
  • The Centre shall commit to resolving any matter related to the visitors’ safety or the services provided to them.

Visitors are required to uphold the sanctity of the mosque as a place of worship and adhere to the Centre’s operative regulations, including adherence to the following terms:

  • Adherence to all the Centre's rules and regulations and adherence to all guidelines delivered by its staff.
  • Dressing appropriately and modestly, such as wearing long clothes with long sleeves, and covering the head (for women), refrain from wearing transparent, tight, or torn clothes, in accordance with the Centre's approved dress code.
  • Carrying inflammable items, fireworks, electronic cigarettes of all kinds and categories, lighters, sharp items, weapons, whistles, laser beams, and loudspeakers is strictly prohibited.
  • Carrying or bringing dolls and stuffed animals inside the mosque is prohibited, regardless of their nature.
  • Carrying and using masks, flags, slogans, and all kinds of symbols is prohibited.
  • Expressing intimacy in any form what’s so ever is strictly prohibited.
  • Considering the privacy of other Worshippers / Visitors, maintaining serenity, and keeping calm while at the mosque: (reducing voices and setting mobile phones on silent mode).
  • Excluding water, food, beverages are not allowed. While smoking or sleeping and laying in the mosque are also prohibited and any other behavior that does not comply with the sanctity of the place.
  • Caution and proper precaution shall be taken while exploring the mosque and its facilities, ex: (the slippery floorings paved with particular kinds of marble and other such precautions).
  • Preserving the mosque’s assets and facilities, as any damage of any sort, shall be compensated by those responsible for the damage.
  • Looking after personal possessions and belongings, the Centre shall not bear any liability for any lost or damaged items.
  • Observing the mosque's sanctity while carrying out any form of photography, avoid laying, or misbehaving during the visit or while taking photos at the designated photo stops.
  • Visitors shall adhere to taking photographs only at the designated photo stops.
  • Return all borrowed items, including but not limited to (attires, audio, and e-guides, holy Quran…. etc.), and adhere to using them as per the guidelines, and accordingly preserve and return them according to the rules in place. Visitors shall be charged for any damaged borrowed items regardless of the cause of damage.
  • Visitors are fully responsible for their children or people of determination accompanying them.
  • Any rituals or behavior that fail to observe the sanctity or statues of the mosque is strictly forbidden.
  • All forms of photography for commercial or media purposes are prohibited, so is the use of professional photography equipment, unless carrying a permit issued by the Centre in regards. Taking photos for personal use using non-professional equipment is permitted.
  • Overnight stay of vehicles or parking at any of the mosque's facilities is prohibited between 11:00 pm and 4:00 am.


4. Lost And Found Items Policy At Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre

  • The Centre does not bear any responsibility towards securing personal possessions and belongings.
  • Those who find lost items are requested to hand them over to the Information Desk. The Centre does not bear any liability for any damage or misplacement of the found items.
  • In the event of finding any personal belongings (ID, Passport,.etc.), which its owners do not claim, shall be submitted to the local police by the Centre within 24 hours.
  • The Centre stores all lost items for a maximum period of three (3) months, and when that period expires, they are handed over to the local police to take all required actions in accordance with procedures in place in this regard.
  • Owners of any found items requesting the Centre send it to them shall bear all liability and delivery charges.


5. Tour Groups and Those Who Fall Under This Category:

  • All tourist groups or private visits must complete all booking procedures before their visit. In the event of cancelation, they are kindly requested to notify the visitor services team to accommodate other groups.
  • All tour operators and those accompanying private visits shall provide the visitors with adequate attire. All attires must be modest in compliance with the Centre’s dress code, while they must also commit to informing those accompanying them in advance about the Mosque entry regulations and refrain from bringing along those who fail to comply with them.
  • Tour operators and those who fall under this category shall allocate at least one person to accompany their visitors on their behalf and shall be accountable for their conduct, behavior, and any damage they cause throughout their presence at the mosque or any of its facilities.
  • Tour operators and those who fall under this category shall adhere to all the Centre's rules and regulations. In the event of violating any of the Centre’s rules and regulations, the Centre reserves the right to deny access to the mosque or any of its facilities which does not preclude seeking all necessary legal proceedings against them.
  • Commit to all pre-booked visits to the mosque. Visit will not be confirmed unless booked in advance.
  • The Centre’s administration may cancel any visits, at any time, without prior notice.


6. General Guidelines

  • In the event of any of the Centre’s rules and regulations, or any guidelines issued by it, being violated, the Centre reserves the right to deny those who committed the violation access to the mosque or any of its facilities or seek any legal proceedings against them.
  • The Centre shall not be liable for any harm caused to those present at the mosque or any of its facilities.
  • The named persons in contract with the Centre shall commit to ensuring themselves against any potential damage that may result from executing its commitments as per contract, whether caused by any of its workers, tools, equipment, or anything else. They shall be solely responsible for the damages.
  • Except for authorized aircraft, it is strictly prohibited to fly aircraft or flying objects that fall within this category over the mosque or any of its facilities.
  • The Centre reserves the right to monitor and carry out surveillance operations of its premises.
  • The visitor can complain or give suggestions by placing them into the suggestion box or by filling out forms available, for such purposes, on Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre’s official website. All complaints and suggestions will be replied to if possible.
  • Those with complaints or who have endured harm shall first resort to amicably settling the issue with Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre.
  • Adhere to prior booking the mosque's visits. Visits will not be confirmed without prior booking.
  • Commit to cooperating with the Centre's staff and security personnel.



All worshippers and visitors are requested to observe the rules and regulations adopted in the Centre while present at the mosque to ensure the Centre to successfully achieves its mission and can provide worshippers and visitors with the utmost services.
Accordingly the Centre’s administration would like to draw your attention to that it will confiscate all devices or phones belonging to those who carry out filming and photography in a manner that violates the rules and regulations adopted in the mosque and its facilities until legal actions are taken against those in violation of the Centre’s operative laws and regulations.
As the Center's administration in its strive to provide top notch service to all, calls upon worshippers and visitors to abide by the Centre’s regulations and to observe all obligations in place.