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Terms of the Competition

Terms of the Competition:

- Filling in the application form of the completion via the centers website (www.szgmc.ae).

- Applicants may participate in selected or all categories.

- Applicants may participate in the Category of (General photographs) with three (3) individual photographs ,or ten(10) sequential photographs, either colored or black& white .Though, in the( smart phone photography category) applicants may participate with three (3) individual photographs.

- Applicants may participate in the (time lapse) Category with three (3) movies.

- Applicants may participate in the first group (Authentic Values) of the special category with three (3) individual photographs, or ten (10) sequential photographs for each topic, either colored or black& white.

- Applicants may participate in the second group (Photographs Talk) of the special category with three (3) ,movies ,while adhering to uploading the audio material from the awards website.

- Each participant must declare that the submitted photographs were taken by him or her, and declare that the photographs have not won in previous seasons of the Spaces of Light Competition, any other competition organized by the Centre or any other entity.

- Participants are solely responsible for the legalities concerning the ownership of their pictures and persons or objects, if any, that are seen in the pictures. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre management will not bear any legal responsibility in this regard.

- If proved that the ownership of the photographs is not of the participant, the Award administration shall announce the withdrawal of the award and deprive the photographer from taking part in the Award in the future.

- Entries must be submitted on or before 05/05/2016.

Technical Specifications:

- Photographs containing text, frames, symbols or marks such as photographerís signature will not be accepted.

- Image enhancements and effects can be carried out on the original photograph, as long as the enhancements are original and not copied or adapted from other artistsí work or from other sources.

- Entries must be submitted in JPG or TIFF format, of no less than 2000-pixel size (3MB), and in no less than 300 DPI resolution. Photographs of a quality that is insufficient for printing will not be accepted.

- Entries in the Time Lapse category should be in MP4, AVI, MOV or MPEG format with a minimum pixel size of 1920 x 1080. The duration of the shot should be more than one (1) minute and not exceed three (3) minutes.

- The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre management reserves the right to use the entries as, when and where it pleases without prior permission from its owners. However, the name of the photographer will be mentioned in such cases.