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Spaces of Light Photography Award

Season Six Under the slogan “My Message”

Intercultural Tolerance and Communication amongst various cultures and people of the world

From the outset, imagery has been the best form of communication amongst various cultures and people of different beliefs and languages, and this is where the slogan of “Spaces Of Light” season six of the photography competition award comes from, to be consistent with the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyans’, may Allah rest his soul in peace, vision that believed that the culture of tolerance is an innovative civilized intercultural project that is as important as other projects.

The slogan “My Message” for this season of “Spaces of Light” Award, provides all participants with the opportunity to showcase their talent and creativity in the field of photography. As it also allows all participants to utilize the advanced techniques that the modern technology smart phones provide ,and which aid photography through creating a new category for this sort of photography, as well as other categories that comprise the various arts of photography. As the award in the sixth version of this season will include two main categories, which are:

Category I (General): In the vastness of the mosque ..

In the vastness of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque - Abu Dhabi

Which encompasses the spirt of the Mosque, as “Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque “is known for its sublime domes, architecture, marble pillars, and arches that stem from the greatness of the Islamic architecture and its ingenuity, in addition to its patterns which are inspired by the artifact of the collective memory of the Islamic art that was unique and versatile in its features, and its clear-cut exquisiteness and beauty. As a photographer, your smart eye captures and views the living angles and structures of this unique spiritual style, and renders it through photographic portraits that attract the audience via its exquisite details. Hence, as a photographer you need to create new, unconventional ,and unique photographs that result from unlashing your lens and allowing it to wander freely in the hallways of the mosque and its vastness; in order to deliver work that is unique in terms of art, production, subject, and structure.As this group is divided into 3 categories, which are:

(1)General photography category(colored/black & white):

In these category photographs of the mosque, either colored or black & white, with adding other simple technical effects to the captured photo, as adding foreign elements to the photo is not allowed

(2) Time Lapse photography Category

This category aims to highlight the photographers’ usage of digital technology and the adding of subsidiary applications that convey the impression of constant movement for an indefinite period of time via programs that specialize in this subject, such as the movement of shadows in the mosque, and other exquisite details chosen by the participant as a mean of ingenious expression, that is consistent with his/her visual perception via his lens and his artistic vision “beauty in the eye of the beholder”.

(3) Smartphone photography category

The use of modern technology available via smart phones, as to capture the most beautiful photographs that reflect the aesthetics of architecture and its arts manifested in Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Category II (special): A story to be told..

Group I: Authentic values

This category involves highlighting a number of values which are encouraged by the Islamic religion, and that reflect the extent of which the photograph embodies these authentic values that are deeply rooted in the UAE society, and sets a great example of intercultural coexistence and communication amongst various cultures and people .As this group is divided into 4 categories, which are:

(1) That he may know one another

The participant via his/her photographs highlights the shots that express the significance of communication amongst various cultures and people around the world. The participant does so by capturing expressive photographs that embody the beautiful spirit of intercultural communication amongst people all around the world at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

(2) Allah enjoined me to be kind to my parents

The participant should present photographs that demonstrate the intimate relation between parents and their children, and the Islamic religions supreme ethics in dealing with parents. As the photographs must be taken in the vastness of the Mosque, in a way that reflects respect and appreciation of parents.

(3) Zayed the Humanist

The participant through his/her photographs that are taken at the mosque must highlight the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyans’ , my Allah rest his soul in peace, vison regarding the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, and the nature of the late Sheikh Zayed’, my Allah rest his soul in peace, relation with this Islamic edifice . It is here where the functional indicators that express this concept lie, according to your artistic vision and the idea that reflects this concept.

(4) The mosque and the nation

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is greatly regarded, as it holds a special place in the heart of the people of the UAE. Besides being one of the famous landmarks in this nation .In light of this concept the participant is to work towards producing photographs that highlight the status the mosque holds in the heart of the people of the UAE, as a profound spiritual and national landmark.

Group II: “Photographs Expressions”

This includes participating with works that include video shots (maximum 5 min) for each category, and set according to the following specifications:

(1) Shots of the mosque with prayers in the background from the mosques’ audio recording archives.
(2) Shots of the mosque that include Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosques Imams recitals from the mosques audio recording archives.
(3) Shots of the mosque in which different audio effects are added to.