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Spaces of Light Photography Award

(Season Five)


The father has left to his desired place but he has left a thousand ways.

With these words in mind, we begin our journey to this season of the Spaces of Light competition under the tagline ‘My Journey’. The idea for ‘My Journey’ comes from the journey of the life of our father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may Allah bless his soul. Some people say that the construction of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque took place towards the end of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s journey of life but we say that the journey continues, and will do so forever.
This year, Season Five of the photography awards will have three separate new categories.

General Category

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is characterised by the beauty of its domes, its marble columns and its arches, all of which reflect the greatness of Islamic architecture. The distinctive patterns inspired by the Islamic heritage are distinguished by beauty and creativity. As a photographer, you will enjoy spending time freely inside the Grand Mosque, unleashing your creativity to capture the most unique perspectives. Send us your most valuable entries that combine artistic flair, creativity, subject matter and detail.
Your entry can be a single image or a set of sequential images showcasing your concept. This category is divided into two:
Colourful Photo
Entries should be original photographs of a part or whole of the Mosque taken either during the day or at night.
Hand Colouring
This category promotes the harmony of painting and photography in a single piece of work. It’s the art of adding colours to a photograph manually. Colours – watercolour, oil, charcoal or any available colour medium – can be used on a black-and-white or colour photograph without it losing its aesthetic value.

Behind the Scenes

Calling for the human touch, this category refers to the daily activities at the SZGM. Capture whatever interests you: visitors, worshipers, staff, tour guides, organisers, safety guards, cleaners or even children at play. Anything and anybody at the Mosque may be your subject. Immortalise their actions against the stunning backdrop of any part of the Mosque. Photographs can be submitted individually or as a sequence.

Time Lapse

This category aims to encourage the use of digital technologies in photography effecting the impression of a continuous movement for an indefinite period of time. Movements of people and shadows in and around the Mosque can be captivating subjects. There could be other moving subjects revealing themselves to the observant eye of a creative photographer.

Registration and Entry Details:

- Registration must be done through the Centre’s official website:
- Each photographer can participate in one or all of the categories.
- Three (3) images are allowed in the Colourful Photo category
- Three (3) images are allowed in the Hand Colouring category, which should be produced on A3 card and submitted by hand to the SZGMC.
- Three (3) individual photos or 10 (ten) sequential photos are allowed in the Behind the Scenes category. These may be either colour or black-and-white images.
- Three (3) movies are allowed in the Time Lapse category.